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What makes an amusement park successful?

This is a question that does concern me. That is why I would like to approach the park world with you from a completely different perspective. Especially from marketing. The marketing mix is ??used to be able to conduct market research. The marketing mix is ??the strategic combination of, and coordination between, the instruments that a company has at its disposal to target the market in which it operates. It is also referred to as the 4 Ps.

1) product
2) price
3) place
4) promotion

These are the basic ingredients for market research. But there are also some extensions.
In this way the staff will also play a very important role and even become the 5th p.

From the moment you start working as a marketer, you have to ask yourself the question: How can I better position the company on the market?
In other words, how can I attract more visitors to the park. And what interests the visitor? You will notice that the 4p's are inextricably linked.
Since an amusement park is a service company, we are also going to bring in the fifth p, of personnel.

The first question that a park should ask itself is: what do we offer? And is this offer still sufficient for the visitor?
And above all: Who is our target group? The latter question will become a red guideline in the further determination of how a park will evolve.
A park that wants to profile itself will therefore always keep informed about the latest evolutions and attractions on the one hand, and listen to the visitor's feedback on the other.

It is also concerned with competition. It is crucial to know what the competitor is doing.
If your competitor has a world first, it is also important that you as a park can anticipate this. This can also be done by offering a new product (new attractions, catering point, entertainment ...), a unique event, but also by distinguishing service.
The role of the staff will play a very large and crucial role in this. A second aspect that is reflected in the marketing mix is ??the price.
In many cases we speak about the entrance price, but it can also be about the price of the catering industry, merchandising, ...

A day at an amusement park costs a lot of money and that is why it is the most sensible to give value for money as a park.
How you turn or turn it; visitors compare parks and look for a price / quality ratio. Here too, the service can make a difference.
A visitor has no use for a closed attraction or catering point, but if an employee informs the visitor in a customer-friendly manner or receives them at a different location, or that little extra, you will also give the customer a bit of a mild mood.

Customer-friendliness and Service remain two crucial keywords. The location of the park is also very important. A park that is difficult to access will attract few visitors.
Especially recently with the road works in the various locations, it is also necessary that the park is easily accessible by public transport.
Another question one can ask is: "Can we also expand?"
Because expansion possibilities lead to new offers in the product, which in itself leads to an increase in turnover and visitor numbers.
If you cannot expand as a park, you can remove obsolete attractions and replace them with something new.
It is true that renewal does not guarantee improvement. The bottom line is that a park will have to find a wonderful balance in their offer and what people want.

In my next column I will discuss the p's of promotion and personnel.

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