marketing mix - part 2 Featured

The success of a park also starts with good marketing. In my previous column I talked about the p's of price, product and place. Now let me talk again about the p's of promotion and personnel.

You can advertise as much as you want, but the best advertising is still word of mouth. And it is still free.
Not only the range of attractions, shows and entertainment play an important role. Staff also play a crucial role here.

More than the attractions, visitors will remember the service. When the staff is friendly, visitors will remember as well as the opposite.
That is why it is very important for a park that the staff is customer-friendly and motivated.
The employee is, as it were, the calling card. However, a park should not lose sight of the fact that its employees are even people.
The staff may still do their best, but the personnel policy must also ensure that the staff remains motivated.

Extra courses can offer a solution here, but also workshops eg. How to deal with stress and aggressive customers.
Or enough breaks so that the staff member can also let off steam in time.
There are a number of small remedies that can help. Especially for the people in the workplace.
Because the staff is well trained and motivated, you as a park leave a good impression with the visitor.
And as I said, word of mouth is still the best advertisement.

If you combine this with discount promotions, and here and there a TV commercial or a unique event, you have all the ingredients to have a good season. (We are not talking about the weather conditions.) As you can see, marketing is mainly a piece of pure psychology. As a marketer, you mainly get into the brains of people.

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