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A few weeks ago, the Hengelo fair made the news after an elastic band of the space jumb broke off. As a result, a whole debate has started again about the safety of attractions at the fair.

One of the points of discussion is: should inspection authorities check the attractions several times a year?
Most fairground rides are monitored during the winter months. The fairs don't really have a good reputation for safety.
Time and time again, attractions have to be torn down and rebuilt and something may be overlooked.
But should an inspection be carried out before every opening of a fair by an inspection body such as, for example, TUV?
To offer a certain guarantee with regard to safety, I would say yes.

But it would be practically unrealizable and the cost would be too high.
Moreover, this check does not offer 100% certainty. An attraction that is popular is constantly on the move.
These movements can also loosen bolts, screws and other parts.
Therefore, a daily check before opening is necessary.

In amusement parks, where most attractions remain in a fixed place for years, the risk is slightly smaller, but here too, a daily check before the attraction opens is not an unnecessary luxury.
Ultimately, the operator remains responsible for proper operation.
In principle, every operator should know his attraction through and through.
The slightest strange noise should be enough to check extra or perform extra maintenance work.

Unless the operator is too busy sending messages on facebook, sms, ...
Fortunately, we can conclude that in general very few accidents occur and that most operators do take responsibility.

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