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Although the amusement park season has been over for a while, the last days are still top days.

Halloween has grown into a true booming business in recent years. That is why many parks respond to this.
Halloween is a second high season for many parks. And you notice that also in the visitor numbers.
Walibi Holland had no less than 200,000 visitors in 11 days last year.
That is why the necessary time is spent in research and development to further improve the experience.

Walibi Holland also launched this year with a new experience “the clinic”. You step into a story, as it were, all on your own.
For the elaboration, the event team already started in March this year with the concepts. And work was done until the concept was finalized.
In addition, the park also has numerous mazes and scare zones. What struck me was the sober decoration in the park.
While other parks decorate their park with tons of pumpkins and straw bales. I was lucky enough to get a backstage tour in one of the mazes. Jefferson's manor.
Although the process is quite simple for the visitor, it is often a maze for the actors, behind the scenes.
Although the maze is built from simple materials, there are still a few modern gadgets that ensure that the atmosphere is “chilling”.
To keep the atmosphere a bit more, I will not elaborate on this. Not all parks participate in Halloween.
For example, Hansa Park likes herbstzauber. The park is transformed in the evening into a fairytale light spectacle.
No pumpkins and horrible monsters, but pure romance.

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