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The new season has been going on for another month, which means that the theme parks are back in full swing.

The Easter holidays were a bull's eye for most parks.
But this also means that sites such as theme parks news are fully operational again.
Press releases, invitations, ... the volunteers are not idle.
Above all, we try to distinguish ourselves by taking a very objective and neutral position.
Unfortunately, not all sites apparently do that.
Today I read an article entitled “How not to run a theme park”.
After reading this, I thought to myself.
You should have taken the title “How not to run a theme park newssite”.

A number of facts do not correspond to reality.
A first mistake.
As a journalist / freelancer you always check the facts.
You express this as objectively as possible without any form of partiality.
But if you are still breaking down a park, then you have to say everything.
So also say that park B applies the same practices as parks A and C. If you come to insist that Park B has more visitors than Park A, isn't that difficult?

Suppose Park B has two other parks B2 and B3, then all of that can be thrown in the same pot.
And you end up on very slippery ice.
And once you have walked a path of negativity, many doors remain closed.
Ok there is a right of free speech, but there are also limits.
And most parks follow the different sites.
That is why we at TPN leave our messages as original as possible.
This way we remain neutral.
And I also carefully consider and weigh my words while writing the columns.

This keeps a news site running the longest.

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