A fake egg will hopefully lead to young flamingos in Amersfoort Zoo. On an old nesting hill, the pink birds found an imitation egg.

Summer greetings, traditional Japanese greetings and a roar from the prehistoric times: you can take special holiday photos this summer in Amersfoort Zoo.

In front of visitors, a lioness gave birth to two apparently healthy cubs on Monday evening, July 27, around 5:30 PM.

Two new galagos can be admired in Amersfoort Zoo.

A couple of marabou dogs in Amersfoort Zoo have hatched eggs.

For the third year in a row, Pairi Daiza has been voted Best Zoo in Europe.

Apenheul continues to develop the beautiful nature park.

Last year, the largest flamingo colony in Europe settled in GaiaZOO.

A little one can be found on the belly of the two-fingered sloth Amaka in Amersfoort Zoo and the animal caretakers now know the sex.

Once again, Burgers' Ocean is donating a large batch of home-grown corals and fish to a European fellow public aquarium.

Endangered bulldozers find a new home in the historic Runder building.

Good news for the impressive species of which only 2,200 live in nature

Family extension at the lion-tailed macaque in Apenheul! A lion-tailed macaque was born in the park last weekend, and mother and young are visible to visitors from the start.

The newly arrived male lion Ramzes has met the two lionesses in Amersfoort Zoo.

The two lionesses in Amersfoort Zoo are joined.

Two Sumatran tigers born in Arnhem will move from Royal Burgers' Zoo to Zoo de Maubeuge (France) on Monday 29 June 2020.

Tropical days are imminent and that means that the animals in Amersfoort Zoo received ice cream today.

Playmate added for gorilla toddler Thandie.

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